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Gluten-free Vegan Sugar Cookies with Icing

When I decided to try to make sugar cookies for Christmas, I got a little nervous the first time I gave it a try. Thankfully, I have one trick up my sleeve that I pull out every year…. My Nana’s Christmas sugar cookie recipe! My Nana’s recipes are famous for being easy. Since I’ve had […]

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Cardamom and Basil Apple Cider

Autumn has absolutely taken over my heart. I love when the season turns cooler, crisp, and calmer. Newly chilly fall mornings are my favorite. I love how the sun seems to wait just a little longer to begin the day. The still and quite of the early morning hangs in the balance just a little […]

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Pumpkin Purée Recipe | Reuse Your Jack-O-Lantern

It’s that special time of year when many of us dutifully ensure that our pantries are stocked with the essential ingredient needed to get our seasonal pumpkin fix: Pumpkin Purée. Everything from pies and muffins to soup and chili, pumpkin becomes a staple in most homes during the cooler months.   I remember one year, while […]

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Postpartum Herbal Bath | Zero Waste Pregnancy

I am in awe at this body that I was given. Mamas, we are amazing. Labor is hard work. I’m sure that you’ve heard it compared to a marathon, and it’s true. It is physically exhausting but the reward, in the end, is so worth it. And like a marathon (a triathlon in my opinion, but […]

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Fall Coffee Drink recipes | At home

Zero waste coffee

. I love coffee (and tea) as much as the next mom but what I don’t love is the waste that disposable coffee cups produce. Did you know that: Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day or equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year, making the United States the leading consumer […]

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DIY Natural Prenatal & Multi-Vitamin Tincture Recipe

zero waste vitamin

***Please speak with your healthcare provider about your nutritional needs. I’m not a huge fan of taking supplements, what many of us know as “vitamins”. Many of them are overpriced, over packaged and overhyped. I believe in eating a nutrient dense diet full of plenty of plant foods. But there are a few instances when […]

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Homemade Ketchup Recipe

Everyone loved this Easy Homemade Ketchup recipe…. And by everyone I mean my husband and toddler. Last week while planning our families meals, my husband said that he had a hankering for some classic American burgers. To which I replied, “Oh, I have a great black bean burger recipe that I’ve been dying to try again!” […]

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