We made it through the first year of parenthood! I wouldn’t be the first mama to tell you how fast it has flown by. Since a first birthday is a once in a lifetime affair, I wanted to make it memorable. 

Here are pictures of Bronson’s Lumberjack themed birthday party.

Follow the links below to find the print outs and recipes that I chose to use.

Free printables can be found here.


Hot cocoa: Made in the slow cooker using cashew milk in place of dairy milk and made our own cashew sweetened condensed milk. We also used cacoa nibs instead of milk chocolate chips.

Eggs in a nest: Recipe from The Pioneer Woman

Punch: We mixed up this yummy apple and orange punch… and made mimosas for the grown ups.

Pancake skewers: Gluten free and vegan, these pancakes are yummy!

Marshmallows: I used a cookie cutter to make mine into round shapes.

Graham crackers: Another great gluten free and dairy free option.

Are you planning a special party soon? Did you throw a birthday party to celebrate your child’s first year? Leave me a comment below and tell me how party planning works in your home.