When I’m confident that the days have grown longer and the sun hangs high in the sky, I like to loving welcome the emerging season with a truly clean home. The first step is typical Spring cleaning like decluttering. The next is cleansing to remove the unwanted energy debris that have built up. Unwanted energy is typically something negative hanging around; maybe the holiday season was stressful, maybe mercury is in retrograde, or maybe you just have that ick feeling. Afterward, the positive energy that enters the space is able to circulate freely and everything feels fresh, clean and balanced again.

Here is how to get started:

You can choose any of the following methods to cleanse; the process will still be the same. Feel free to use this as inspiration and don’t be afraid to do what feels good to you.

I like to start with myself by imagining a waterfall washing over me and cleansing anything that does not serve me. If I have chosen, the Smudging method then I would imagine the smoke as a waterfall while passing the lit smudge stick around myself. After my aura is squeaky clean then I  move clockwise around the room starting from the entrance. Focusing on releasing energy that does not serve me and continuing to do this around the perimeter of the room until I reach the entrance again. When moving into a new home, I like to do this to each room to cleanse the entire house.

Pick Your Cleansing Method


Smudging is a popular way to cleanse energy with smoke. It’s most commonly done with a sage smudge stick or other herb bundles.  White sage is popular and is easiest to find. Some of my other favorites are Palo Santo wood, rosemary, lemongrass, and lavender. Smudging an entire room or house with sage or herbs can be a little time consuming, but the aroma of real a herbal bundle burning is quite enchanting if you have the time. Light the smudge stick or incense and direct or waft the smoke. Don’t be afraid to relight the stick as needed. That’s all there is to it.



Using Holy Water to rid of something unwanted isn’t always necessary, all water can be cleansing. Sometimes water can be blessed by the Full Moon or infused with crystals, but by far one of the fastest methods of cleansing is with simply water.

You can simply mix a small amount of water and a pinch of salt together if you like, dip your finger tips and then flick the droplets onto yourself or around the room. You can also try one of these practical cleansing options with water:

  • Taking a bath to wash off the day’s energy
  • Running objects such as tumbled stones under water to cleanse them
  • Using a Smudge Spray

When I’m short on time, can’t fire up a sage bundle, or just want something in a pinch, I use my Smokeless Smudge Spray recipe.


Nothing is better at elevating moods or awaking the spirit than music. Changing your vibration can be as easy as chanting, singing, playing music, or even laughing. These practices have been used in many traditions and celebrations spanning the globe for thousands of years. While I love to grab my tambourine and raise the roof with some good vibes, nothing speaks to my soul better than the sound of gongs or Tibetan singing bowls. These both are great to use just before meditation, for a self-cleansing or while moving around to cleanse a room. If you don’t have a singing bowl or gong handy, another way to change vibrations is by ringing a bell or chimes.

Other easy ways to bring in good energy…


I try my best to maintain composure with this topic, but it gets my heart fluttering. I love crystals! I use them in my home, in my car, I even carry them in my purse. Most stones and crystals will need to be cleansed and charged after you bring them home. You can easily cleanse them using smoke, sound, or water (Do not use water with anything that has a Mohs hardness of 5 or lower). After they are nice and clean, the easiest way to charge the crystal or stone is to hold it in your hand and state your intent. Sure, you can charge them in sunlight or full moonlight if you like; I’ve done both on some occasions when I had the time.

My go to crystals and stones lately have been of the self-cleasning variety. These can be used to cleanse new items when adding to your collection or used to bring cleansing energy into a space. The best part, some say that they never need to be cleansed since they are self-cleansing. But, that is up to your discretion. I like to at least give my collection a vibrational tune up from time to time. Some self-cleansing stones are selenite, kyanite, and citrine.

I also like to use black tourmaline, rose quartz, agate, and amethysts in my home for protection, healing, and love.



Negative Ions.

Don’t let Negative ions fool you. They can bring some mighty positive vibes.

Negative ions occur anytime there is moisture present. Think by the seashore, on a rainy day, or by a waterfall. In our modern world, we are overloaded with positive ions from all of our fancy gadgets. Ways to increase negative ions in the home are with houseplants, running water, or opening the windows when there is moisture in the air. Salt can be used in several remedies and recipes too. Another easy and simple way to cleanse your space is by simply placing salt around the corners. Or, better yet invest in a few Himalayan salt lamps. These lamps can help increase your good vibes by boosting the negative ions in the environment as well.



Is there anything you like to do for a fresh start? Have you ever tried smudging your home? Let me know in the comments below. Have a blessed day!