Whenever I have bad days I think back to this magical expression on my son’s face. Anytime he learns something new, he gets this look of astonishment and pride. As if he is completely amazed that the block tower didn’t topple over this time. As mundane as it may seem, the look on his face fills my heart with love. As the keepers of endless schedules, lists, and laundry, moms have the extraordinary challenge to find inspiration in tiny everyday moments like these.

Being a good mom isn’t about having it all figured out. It’s about taking time, being silly, making a fool of yourself, getting messy and learning that you can’t always be perfect. Motherhood is a real test of unconditional love. This expression of love may not be particularly newsworthy to some, but it’s real. A mother’s love is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and fears you didn’t know existed. This is a love so strong that it can lift cars and save lives. This is the kind of love that mothers need to feel every day; especially on the bad days. Because one of the hardest jobs is being a mom.  A mother is the only one on this Earth with the soul that it takes to love her child uniquely as she does. She has the heart that pushes her to wake up every morning and to have the willpower to do it day after day. The smile, the loving touch, and the warm cuddle that her child craves. She is the healer of all boo-boos, and the wiper of runny noses. Through sticky fingers, and messy faces, spilled milk, and stale crackers.

I am a mama.

With a salary of wet kisses and applause from my 15-month-old, I’d hardly considered it a glamorous choice. Although at times I may feel underappreciated, I am in no way underpaid. Because I know that I am the woman for the job.

And I live for wet kisses and toddler applause.

Above is one of my proud mama moments that keeps me going when the job gets tough. Some of my friends were kind enough to share their current proud mama moments.

Share your proud mama moments in the comments below.

“My super attached boy with sensory issues just spent a few days solo with grandparents as we house hunted and he was amazing. It completely solidified every single doubt I had about our attachment parenting style. Even when it was tough we just held him close and kept on loving him. The results are amazing.” -Nicole

“Learned to breastfeed in a moby wrap. #littlemomwins…. It only took me 8 months.” -Kat

New baby smiles -Nikki

“My just turned 3 year old has been practicing origami daily for almost a year and can now make tulips.” -Nino

“I walked this bridge with a baby on me! Proud mama!” -Meg

“My sensory boy getting his head wet and swimming!!!!” -Elizabeth

“My brother and I never got along he abused me daily. Seeing my kids love each other makes me so proud 😍” -Megan

“My son is older than most of the pics but I’m a proud mom.” -Jeannie

Proud mama -Megan

“He was so proud, he built the house by himself.” -Sara

“This was a few years back, maybe 7 or 8. We all participated in a triathlon. Such a great Mommy/daughters day.” -Stacy

Happy Mother’s Day!