Summer Bucket List Activities for Busy Kids

summer activities for kids


It’s officially Summer and the time of year for fun activities, adventure, and air conditioning. A short while back I was inspired by a Summer Bucket List post on the blog, A Dash of Mum. So, this past week my toddling boy and I headed outside to celebrate the longest day of the year. Armed with my list in hand and a few extra hours of sunlight, into the wild we went in search of adventure!

Well, actually we just headed to the backyard…

Epic Fairy Garden

I’ve dabbled over the years with a few fairy gardens, but this year I wanted it to be grand!

Fairy Garden

Dinosaur Garden

Not into fairies? A dino garden can be just as Jurassic.

Bee or Butterfly Bath

Out here in the desert, only the tough critters survive but they need a little R&R too. We created a bee and butterfly bath in our fairy garden to offer a restful pit-stop to any little friends. Be sure that your family stays hydrated this summer, as well. Check out my post here for safe and sustainable water options.

Summer activities for kids

Read Magical Books

I’ve had this Fairyopolis book for years now and I couldn’t wait to share it with Bronson. With pull-outs and pop-ups, this really is a magical book. Find it here.

Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Activities for kids

Make a Mud Pie

Childhood just simply wouldn’t be the same without making mud pies. I’ve even heard of friends having a mud kitchen in the back yard for their little ones to play. Such a cool idea!

summer activities for kids


Bronson and I had so much fun playing outside. And, we managed to cross 3 things off of our list in just one day! Now, I’m beginning to think that we need a longer Summer bucket list. Here is our list so far:

Summer Bucket List with Kids

  1. Make an Epic Fairy Garden -check!
  2. Visit Aquarium
  3. Go Camping
  4. Make a Bee Bath -check!
  5. Play at a Splash Pad
  6. Read Magical Books -kinda check!
  7. Make Mud Pies -check!
  8. Make Sun Tea
  9. Visit a Petting Zoo
  10. Have a Picnic

What fun things do you have planned for your family this Summer? What do you plan to add to your bucket list? Don’t be shy, leave me a comment so we can swap ideas.