Fall is arguably the best season no matter where you live. The cooler temps, leggings, cozy knits, and flannels never fail to put a pep in our step.

So, I want to share some casual outfit ideas that I’ve been wearing lately in case you are looking for a little inspiration. I live in a warmer climate so these outfits will easily carry me from Fall through Winter by simply layering an extra sweater, a coat, hat, and scarf. I love secondhand and upcycled clothing and I recommend considering these as inspiration for your thrifting adventures.

Organic Basics

As a mom of two little ones, I’m always running around, cleaning up messes, and bandaging booboos– I don’t have time to fuss over my clothes. Your attire might look different than mine but regardless of where you go every day, when getting dressed we can’t forget the essentials.

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Over the Summer I had been searching for basic white t-shirts that were ethically made. I asked around and my friend Ashley recommended that I check out a company called Organic Basics.

So I put them on my list of companies to check out, then Later received an email asking if I was interested in trying a few of their items. So naturally, I wanted to make sure that I could find answers to these questions:

  • How is it packaged?
  • How is it made?
  • Who made it?
  • What is it made of?

Organic Basics sent me these back in August so believe me when I say, I tried them out. I wore these items regularly (no, I didn’t wash them every time and I’m proud of it) for months to make sure they were well worth it.

So, how did they stack up?

As far as durability, washability, and wearability I love them.

What about as a company?

Organic Basics is an eco-friendly clothing brand that sells the basic essentials we are all likely looking for. All of they’re underwear, socks, shirts, and athletic wear are all consciously made with fabrics that care for the environment. The company knows that transparency is key for us to choose more wisely when it comes to our goods. They make it easy to learn about the fabrics they use in their collections and their factories through their website.

When my package arrived, I was excited to see that everything was not only plastic-free but also compostable.

I ordered a tank, socks, and underwear. I also had my eye on a pair of leggings but have enough at the moment.


In need of some essentials? Organic Basics is offering a 10% OFF coupon code for you! Use code LACEYOBC at checkout.

Sustainable Fall & Winter Outfits



Pumpkin Spice Vibes

I’m usually a neutral type of person but love playing around with rusts, reds, and browns. It makes me think all things fall. This chunky sweater, leggings, and boots from the first picture were all thrifted but paired nicely with the TENCELâ„¢ Lite Tank Top so I don’t get too warm. The same tank is great to add more length to this thrifted cropped sweatshirt and is the perfect layering piece for anything off the shoulder.



Layer and Tuck

One of the most difficult challenges most of us face when it comes to fall dressing is how to layer just right for the season. A good chunky short sleeve cardigan layered over a long sleeve tank makes for the perfect transitional piece. I also love vests, blazers, or cropped jackets for this look too. Cuffed jeans polish the outfit a bit but can easily go well with boots on colder nights. I’ve had this long sleeve shirt for years but Organic basics carries a similar one if you are in need.



The Go-over

You’re probably not surprised that since I work from home and care for our two boys, I’m usually in leggings. It’s just so easy to throw a button-up shirt over the same uniform outfit and go! The first photo is with a thrifted chambray shirt, thrifted leggings, boots, and a black tank, just like the one from Organic Basics. The second photo is the same tank, leggings, and a really old flannel. The shoes are from Thoms.



Another monochromatic outfit… athleisure wear I guess we call it now. I really appreciate that the shirts from Organic basics are long enough to cover my bum, tuck into pants, or add more length if I need it. A classic cardigan upgraded this casual look and the thrifted Converse sneakers made it the perfect outfit for playing freeze tag on the playground with my kids.



So that’s what I’ve been wearing a lot of mostly as I anxiously wait for cooler weather. How cold is it where you live and are you wearing your coziest clothes?