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A Naturally Modern Life is about transforming the mundane into the magical by cultivating mindfulness.

It’s about following our intuition as a guide in life and living mindfully in tune with nature in our modern world.

It’s about a love for our planet, ourselves, and inspiration for living sustainably and naturally.

Hey there! Feel free to get cozy and stay awhile. I’m Lacey, content creator behind Naturally Modern Life.

 I’m into zero-waste mommin’, plastic-free and natural living, scouring thrift stores for treasure, and saving the planet… One sippy cup at a time. A few years ago, the county that I lived in passed a law for retailers to charge consumers a 5-cent tax for every plastic bag. Little did I know that that bag tax would be the first step in my family’s zero-waste story. After the bag tax went into effect, I noticed all the unnecessary plastic that I thought was just a normal part of life. Things like produce bags, food wrappers, and even the plastic wrapped around my biodegradable “green” items didn’t make any sense. “ Who is paying the tax for those items?”, I wondered.

Our children, and our planet are all paying the price for plastic. When my eyes were opened to the modern, artificial, and disposable life that was all around me, I realized that the simple act of being mindful of the trash that is produced within our home and our impact on the planet has the power to change the world. That’s when I decided to write a new definition for modern living. One that was sustainable, friendlier to the planet and ourselves.

A life that was naturally modern

What is zero-waste?

“The term zero waste was first used publicly in the name of a company, Zero Waste Systems Inc. (ZWS), which was founded by PhD chemist Paul Palmer in the mid-1970s in Oakland, California. The mission of ZWS was to find new homes for most of the chemicals being excessed by the nascent electronics industry. They soon expanded their services in many other directions.” 

It’s about thinking about how we design and how nutrients flow through a system.

“A circular economy seeks to rebuild capital, whether this is financial, manufactured, human, social or natural. This ensures enhanced flows of goods and services. The system diagram illustrates the continuous flow of technical and biological materials through the ‘value circle’.” 

Our current infrastructure is linear. This means we design from the beginning with waste as an end product. There isn’t a way to actually make zero trash right now, this is because everything we do is linked to an infrastructure that is linear. What we can do is create a mindset that helps to navigate us through our current disposable culture.

Simply put, it’s about trying our best to live with a circular mindset and not creating unnecessary trash, food waste, excess consumption, and to lower our impact on the planet. The movement has been popularized by Bea Johnson and her book, Zero-Waste Home.

In it, she outlines the 5 R’s of zero-waste:

* Refuse: Unnecessary stuff
* Reduce: Your consumption
* Reuse: And repurpose things as long as possible
* Recycle: Everything you can
* Rot: Your biodegradable waste

Zero-waste is about making the best choice you can with the resources you have. For us, that means trying our best not to buy food in packaging, being mindful of the trash that we do produce, and actively looking for greener solutions. Want to know more about how to get started zero-wasting? Check out my beginners guide here.

Zero-waste to me means not being wasteful in life. Not being wasteful of our resources, our time, our physical and mental energy, and our life. It’s about having a lower impact on the planet and leaving it better than when I arrived.

A little about me

I am so blessed to be able to work from home as a blogger, content creator, and digital marketer so that I can be with my son every day. I’m married to the most amazing man who is usually easy-going about my crazy ideas. I’ll just say that saving the world is my mission and he fully supports that. Together we’re building our little tribe to live consciously with love, compassion, and laughter. We are a desert-dwelling Vegas family who lives where the sun shines most days and nature is right outside our door.

Life is quite lovely.

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